Carbon Solutions

Voluntary Carbon Markets

Voluntary Carbon Markets

Eco-Energy is a project developer in the voluntary carbon markets focused on reducing CI in transportation fuels and promoting the use of low-carbon renewable energy.

Eco-Energy was founded three decades ago with the mission to deliver clean energy solutions to the world. As we face a global energy transition and the volatility that comes with it, Eco-Energy is uniquely positioned to bring value to its customers. Our Carbon Solutions platform is pioneering new ways for businesses to meet their environmental sustainability imperatives, expand renewable energy consumption, reduce emissions, and mitigate risk in their operations.

At Eco-Energy, we leverage relationships with our upstream and downstream partners to understand and serve the ESG needs of our customers. Our breadth and depth of expertise combined with its nimble structure, uniquely position the company to respond quickly to changes in the marketplace.

Solar Solutions

Solar Solutions

Eco-Energy Helps Companies Navigate the Clean Energy Transition by Delivering Clean and Low-Carbon Energy Solutions for a Greener Tomorrow

Eco-Energy works with customers to rapidly decarbonize their sites using solar PV and solar PV + BESS (battery energy storage systems).
Our solar development team works with each site to create a custom solution that achieves the carbon outcomes our customer desires, whether it be rapidly reducing the carbon intensity of the site or transitioning to net zero carbon emissions. Eco-Energy has developed and designed commercial-scale and utility-scale solar PV and solar PV + BESS solutions across the United States and works with our clients to capitalize the transaction appropriately to their needs, whether it be a cash transaction, solar lease, or solar power purchase agreement (PPA).

Eco-Energy is building a suite of carbon reduction products targeted specifically at reducing the emissions of America’s fuel pool and providing emission-offset opportunities to companies in the transportation and logistics industries.

Eco-Energy’s solar development team oversees the production of Renewable Energy Credits for sale to the voluntary and regulated markets.

Eco-Energy works with suppliers to capitalize on the expansion of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) and Responsibly Sourced Natural Gas (RSG).

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