Global Trading

The Strength of a Global Partnership

Eco-Energy is the leading independent provider of biofuel supply chain management solutions, handling 10 percent of the domestic market. Together with our partner, Copersucar S.A., we are the largest biofuels, logistics, and trading company in the world, handling 15 percent of worldwide ethanol market share.


We buy and sell third-party ethanol and renewable feedstocks to support our marketing and distribution businesses. We are active in rail markets nationwide, New York Harbor and Chicago as well as truck markets surrounding our Alliance Partner plants and distribution terminals.

We leverage our relationship with our Alliance Partners and Copersucar to participate in the global ethanol marketplace. Utilizing tanks in Texas City, we originate a variety of ethanol specifications to suit our clients’ needs.

As a complement to our physical ethanol trading presence we trade RINs and carbon credits in the US and Canada.

Innovation, Integrity and Commitment in Energy Integration

Eco-Energy's customer-focused philosophy creates value-added solutions for a more stable, disciplined, and vertically integrated low-carbon energy supply chain. We develop responsible relationships and secure assets that leverage our core competencies in global logistics, distribution, and trading.


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