Natural Gas Marketing

Full-Service Natural Gas Marketer

Eco-Energy’s Natural Gas Team is a full-service natural gas marketer dedicated to serving the low-carbon needs of producers, utilities, independent power producers, retail aggregators, and large industrials.


Our Strategic Beliefs

Transparent Commercial Relationships

Creating Maximum Profitability with Lowest Cost and Risk

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Natural Gas Services

Utilizing Eco-Energy's Decades of Experience in Natural Gas, We Provide the Following Services

The Eco-Energy Natural Gas team will enable their customers to get the most out of their assets through diligent management, relationships and timely reporting.

Our team are experts at natural gas logistics and can provide a wide array of load balancing and peaking services.


Eco-Energy will create a tailor-made plan to assist natural gas producers with wellhead nominations, imbalance services as well as management transportation or storage capacity.

The Eco-Energy Team is available 24/7. We are experts on over 75 North American interstate/intrastate pipeline and storage facilities.

Eco-Energy has the right infrastructure in place to provide producers and end users with price protection and security of flow risk.

Transacting with Natural Gas

Jamie Baker
VP Natural Gas — 615-244-8139

Bobby Walker
Director, West — 812-243-7150

Brian Carlton
Director, Natural Gas Operations — 615-348-8702

Chris Sherry
Director, Origination — 615-928-6549

Hunter Garst
Trader, East — 615-4770494

Jordan Koch
Director, East — 812-797-4437

Luke Hurley
Trader, West — 615-636-7899

Matt Logan
Financial Trader — 270-929-0665

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Innovation, Integrity and Commitment in Energy Integration

Eco-Energy's customer-focused philosophy creates value-added solutions for a more stable, disciplined, and vertically integrated low-carbon energy supply chain. We develop responsible relationships and secure assets that leverage our core competencies in global logistics, distribution, and trading.


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