Dan Weber, VP of Ethanol Trading, Discusses E15 and the Benefits on RFD-TV


Recently, an emergency fuel waiver was issued to allow E15 gasoline to be sold during the summer driving season. Monday, May 22nd, Dan Weber, Eco-Energy VP of Ethanol Trading, discussed this development on RFD-TV, the nation's first 24-hour television network featuring programming focused on agribusiness. Watch Dan's full interview here

E15 is a cheaper, clean fuel alternative at the pump, so it is a win for the consumer and the ethanol production facilities. Inflation has challenged our economy post-COVID, and pump prices are constantly under the microscope. This development could bring considerable savings to drivers across the country. 

The rest of the world is demanding lower carbon fuels and pursuing ethanol to decarbonize. Brazil is at 27% and looking to go to 30%, India is at 10% and looking to be at 20% by 2024, and Canada pre-COVID had a federal mandate of 5% blend, with most major provinces now at 10% and steadily raising each year with 15% as the target by 2030. 

The U.S. ethanol sector is looking for new domestic avenues to grow into, with a big focus on carbon reduction. Higher-level blends and exports are the here and now, and SAF/Bioplastics could be future markets for ethanol to compete in.