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Eco-Energy Announces Launch of Eco-Specialty Alcohols, Eco-Energy’s High-Purity Alcohol Marketing and Trading Division

With Eco-Energy’s relationships, global logistics and market intelligence, Eco-Specialty Alcohols is the natural partner in the high-purity alcohol trade.

Eco-Specialty Alcohols leverages Eco-Energy’s ethanol marketing relationships to supply high-purity alcohol to customers. High-purity alcohol applications range from beverage and food to personal care products, institutional and home cleaning, consumer products, and chemical intermediates.


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The expansion into this sector is a natural move for Eco-Energy given our long-standing relationships with great producers in the United States, our seamless logistics operation. With the combination of the high quality ethanol we offer and our seamless logistics operation, we are confident customers will come to rely on Eco-Specialty Alcohols’ expertise for their high-purity alcohol needs.


Eco-Specialty Alcohols helps producers and buyers

We help them navigate the unique and variable ethanol composition requirements throughout the high-purity alcohol marketplace. Eco-Specialty Alcohols distinction comes from Eco-Energy’s biofuel marketing relationships with bulk ethanol producers who have upgraded operations to meet high-purity alcohol demand. Today, Eco-Specialty Alcohols is marketing for two plants: Commonwealth Agri-Energy in Hopkinsville, Kentucky and Western New York Energy in Medina, New York.

Initial product offerings are pure and denatured U.S. origin grain ethanol in both 190 and 200 proof forms. Eco-Specialty Alcohols will be able to provide exceptional service and value by integrating FCC / USP Excipient grade and high-purity industrial grade alcohol into the existing Eco-Energy marketing and distribution operations.

Logistics options include bulk packaging, tank trucks, rail tank cars, ocean containers and bulk vessel parcels. The ability to combine this product range with Eco-Energy’s core strengths in domestic and global logistics and market intelligence sets Eco-Specialty Alcohols apart in the high-purity ethanol trade.

Innovation, Integrity and Commitment in Energy Integration

Eco-Energy's customer-focused philosophy creates value-added solutions for a more stable, disciplined, and vertically integrated low-carbon energy supply chain. We develop responsible relationships and secure assets that leverage our core competencies in global logistics, distribution, and trading.


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